Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Up Coming Break

We have been going strong for months on end! Seriously, I haven't put the shop in vacation mode for an actual vacation since we opened in 2009! We have had so many changes in the last year that we think it is time to do some updates. We will be closing for a week from June 8-15. Our whole shop will be getting a make over and here are some of the areas we will be working on...

We will be doing a makeover on all of our graphics. The elephant will still be with us, so don't worry about him. Our shop has changed drastically in the last year and our look should too.

Our photos are going to get redone so that all of them are beautiful and crisp and enticing.

Last, but certainly not least, our pads are going to become permanent fixtures. Are you confused about that one? If you haven't been a Crazy Elephant fan very long then you might not know that our pads have only been around for about 6 months! We have decided that the trial run for them is definitely complete, meaning new descriptions, photos and prices that are more comparable to our competitors since they are no longer in testing.

We are making some big changes at The Crazy Elephant during our week off. We are making a move from being a hobby that is sold to having a business mind. The ultimate goal being that we are able to support our family and make this both our full time jobs. We have always had quality and service in the highest importance, but our new mindset is to push out nothing but our very best making our shop an amazing experience for everyone!

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