Saturday, June 2, 2012

Product: Thong Liners

Some times a girl likes to go minimal! That doesn't mean she can't do it in style and comfort. Every woman has to manage her period and when it comes to minimal the Tear Drop Thong Liner is the way to go. This liner is perfectly shaped for maximum coverage in less than maximum panties. Unlike disposable pads, our pads breathe keeping you comfortable and happy. These liners are perfect for light flow days or just to stay fresh. They are made with 2 layers of cotton flannel and a layer of fleece on the bottom to help with grip. The fleece keeps your pad from sliding around even with it's wingless design! Tear drop thong liners are environmentally friendly and come in super fun prints!

The edges are cut with a pinking shears and will fray. This leaves less bulk than sewing the edges under and makes them more comfortable as well as helping to conform to your body. All our products are made in a smoke free home. Our fabrics are pre-washed before sewing.
Here is what our customers have to say:

"These are a really nice size and stay in place really well despite not having wings. Thank you!"

"I am very pleased with my liners and pad. The bottom fabric really does keep it in place all day, the top fabric is absorbent and dry. Very thin for an everyday panty coverage. Plus the seller is really easy to get in touch with, I will return!"
You can find all of our Tear Drop Thong Liners at!


  1. i love these =] i think that they are adorable and i was so excited to try mama cloth but i dont like pads in the first place so i was so excited when i found these =] i ordered my diva cup and my liners yesterday and i will forsure be shopping with you again

    1. I'm so glad you are looking forward to them! I sent them out for you today and the estimated date for arrival is Friday, so you will be able to try them out soon. I hope they work out great for you : )