Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cutting, Cutting, and More Cutting

Snow? Dandruff? Bamboo fuzz!
I think I still have fuzz up my nose! I spent 4 hours finishing up the cutting for our pad drive yesterday. Today is the last day of the official pad drive, where every 3 pads sold = 1 pad donated. My fantastic customers ordered enough for me to send 27 pads! I cut 34 to cover any orders I get today (plus some extras...I dare you all to make me have to cut more). I also had some donations for supplies to make additional pads to send and the total pads cut from that are 75. That makes a grand total of 109 pads! Thank goodness I have some sewing vollunteers. The plan is to work on them over the summer and send out about 20 at a time. A smaller package has an easier time traveling  overseas. I also want to throw out thank yous to our contributors, of time and money, We couldn't have hit our goal of sending 100 pads without you!
These are just the heavy absorbs of the 75, they make up about a third of the total pad stack.

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