Monday, July 2, 2012


Photos are so very important to an etsy shop! It makes me sad to see a poorly shot item. That item might be amazing if given half a chance. Now I'm not saying our photos are perfect, there is always room for growth and correction. I saw this photo on a competitors page and realized it used the same flannel that I have on some of my pads. Check out the difference here:

Cloth Pantyliner / Pantiliner -- Buzzy Week Flannel -- Kiki Pads Pattern
Competitor shot
The colors are so dark! I almost didn't recognise the fabric, if it weren't for the bees. They were a dead giveaway. Below is our shot. The colors are bright and as true to color as we can get. My hope is that our photos give our customers a good grasp for what they are going to get. I would love to hear how all of you like our photos. Feel free to share your photo to purchase stories!
Medium Absorb Short Peanut Pad in Bumblebee Buzz - Reusable Cloth Pad
Our shot

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