Thursday, July 12, 2012

Festival Basket

For the last 3 years a part of our holiday tradition has been to design a tree for Festival of Trees. The event benefits Hiawatha Homes, an organization that helps those who are differently abled. Since it is an area thing, just imagine a huge room filled with dozens of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Christmas?! I know your eyebrow is raised, but festival sign ups are in the summer and it takes a long time to get a tree design together, these aren't your mama's tree!

This year we sold our 1 and only car, green and cost effective. It means we can't drive in to do tree setup and maintenance. Bummer, but we can still participate. I put together a sweet little gift basket for the silent auction and it turned out just wonderfully. Here it is...
There is a little of everything in there, all from The Crazy Elephant Boutique!

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