Monday, July 23, 2012

Work Space

We did a remodel on our shop, so it is high time our workspace got a little work too! I used to share my workspace with Jayne's homeschool. This year I took over the room. We never got around to rearranging it though and it wasn't exactly user friendly.
Computer, clutter, and kids's time to go! Plus the doggy who's favorite spot is to lay on my foot while I sew.

Now that we have it rearranged the process from start to finish is much more fluid. Plus my rather large sewing desk is now in the larger part of the room. This odd shaped hallway of a room has never looked so big! We still need to take out some of the clutter and there are still some homeschool items that need a home. Some decorating and rearranging need to happen on the walls too. I would like to repaint as well. I am thinking elephant blue.
Great progression from sewing to photoing to stocking the shelf. Plus 1 kiddo that can't keep himself out of a pic.

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