Monday, July 9, 2012

Tutorials Anyone?

Are you ready and waiting for some fun tutorials? If you are, you will be happy to know that they will be coming along as soon as the weather cools down and I am trapped in the house again. The plan is to do photo tutorials for reusable lunch bags, freezie sleeves, burpcloths, and more. In the mean time here is a little ditty about making your own cloth tissues...

This is a super easy project that anyone can do! Cut some money out of your budget and some extra paper from the landfill. Make your own kleenex with fabric. My favorites are made of flannel, which can be 1 layer, or t-shirt type material. This is a great way to use old shirts of other clothing items.

Decide how large you would like them to be. I either use an actual kleenex as a pattern or work with the size that my fabric is. Next you sew around the edge. Finish your tissue by pinking the edges and you are ready to use. I like to use 1 layer of fabric for heavier materials like flannel, but do 2 layers for lighter materials.

We just switched to fabric this year and I am very happy! None of us have had the crusty, red, dried out noses that we used to get with paper. It has been a very comfortable winter.

Don't sew? Turn those old shirts and whatnot into tissues anyway. Just cut them to size and when you are done using, just toss them. If the material is going to end up in the trash, it might as well get 1 more use. This is also a good way to use scraps from cutting up fabric that are not big enough to really become tissues.

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